1) Try first to update the drivers (all the items under the tab Universial Serial Bus-controllers) online. Click with your right button of your mouse and choose update online. Maybe your usb-drivers are not up to date.

2) You can also try this and change the usb port for the scx-4300. It was just a communication problem between the pc and scanner. I hope this will work for you guys, if not you got a problem inside the scanner.

3) If the update didnt work for you, maybe there is a problem with the scanner-belt, led, light or the little spring inside the scanner-element. I have once disassembled a Samsung Scx-4300 for a friend of my. Its very difficult to get to the belt.

4) I would not recommend it to do this by yourself. I have made some pictures, how I disassembled the machine. Dont forget the in wich order you disassembled the parts of the machine for reinstallation.

5) If you did tried all steps 1 by 1, and still have no succes, than I recommend you to contact the service of Samsung.

6) Buy another multifunctional printer or a scanner, because reparation costs more money than the printer self. You can still use the print-function, if you have toner ofcourse. I personally use only the printer, because the scans of the scx-4300 is not enough for me.

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